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Request RAiD user interface authorisation

To access the RAiD user interface, you must log in and request access to a Service Point.


This procedure applies to Raido - the ARDC’s RAiD user interface.


In order to do this, you will need:

  1. the name of your Service Point

  2. to know who your Service Point Administrator

  3. an account with an authentication provider. Raido currently supports:

    1. Google

    2. AAF (Australian Access Federation)

    3. ORCID

Google and ORCID accounts are free to create. AAF accounts are typically reserved for staff and students at Australian and New Zealand research and higher education institutions.


  1. Visit the RAiD test, demo, or production user interface

  2. In the Sign-in pane, click on the Google, AAF or ORCID button, depending on which authentication provider you wish to use

  3. Follow the normal login process for your authentication provider and authorise the connection with Raido

  4. In the Request Raid Authorisation pane:

    1. select your Service Point in the Institution drop-down list

    2. enter any comments if necessary

    3. click Submit request

  5. Email to let us know about your authorisation request.

Raido is still in beta and has no notification capability. Please be sure to email

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